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MWR Financial is a leading direct selling company focused on providing our premier Financial Solutions Membership around the nation. We offer a groundbreaking home-based business opportunity with a mission to empower people to achieve financial independence.

We offer all of the tools, training and support you will need to be successful. All that’s required is the desire to change your life for the better and a willingness to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Brian House

Brian House

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tax Reduction

MWR have shifted a little more than $10 million/mo & Over $120 million/year back into our members pockets from the government.

Credit Restoration

We have helped thousands raise their credit scores 50-150 points or more, shifting millions in interest and insurance premium overpayments back into our members pockets.

Debt Elimination

As a company, we are on pace to help our existing members eliminate over 1.2 Billion dollars in interest while collectively reducing their time in debt by more than 29,400 years!

Bill Negotiation

MWR has saved our members over 1.2 million dollars on their existing bills in the 1st year of our BillShredder program.

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Our Corporate Team

At Making Wealth Real (MWR), we strive towards being the best organization we can, not only to our customers, members and employees, but to help build our local communities by providing a sustainable home-based business opportunity while providing financial-related services to help better the lives of every family.

Our commitment to a deep understanding of helping everyday people achieve financial independence is paramount to our success. Therefore, we aim to better what we do, how we do it, focused on a lasting impact for generations to come.

Our Mission

To provide everyday people with the same Strategies and Experts used by the wealthy, to overcome the financial challenges created by our Tax, Credit, Banking and Educational Systems.

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MWR PassPort provides you with unlimited access to real wealth experts that can analyze your existing or non-existent savings, retirement or investment portfolio and provide you with the BEST plan of action to secure you and your family’s financial future.

Unlimited Consultations with Licensed Wealth Experts.

Personalized Wealth Plan to meet your financial goals.

Professional Means Analysis and Past Performance Comparisons.

Access the same Wealth Building Strategies used by the wealthy.

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