Brian N. Beane 6x GOLD Achiever

A native from Atlanta, GA, Brian N. Beane's drive and determination is nothing short of extraordinary. A leader of leaders, Brian became an incredible 6x Gold Achiever in record time. We are extremely honored to have Brian at MWR Financial.

Liz Estrada 3x GOLD Achiever

Seeing a tremendous opportunity for herself and others with the MWR Financial, Liz had an intense focus, earning her three promotions, three Momentum Bonuses, and qualifying for the Tier 1 Luxury Lifestyle Bonus in her first 18 days.

Athon Clemons 3x GOLD Achiever

Athon Clemon, an industry leader, brought a principal-centered, legacy-styled leadership to MWR Financial which propelled his desire to impact others into a record-breaking 9-day outcome, and in the process, became a 3X Gold Achiever!

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3x GOLD ACHIEVER: Kristie Howard

My life is totally different
because of MWR.


Terrence Hawkins

Harrisburg, NC

As an IRS Enrolled Agent and the founder of Hawkins Accounting and Tax service, I have educated 1,000’s of individuals on the tax strategy of owning a home-based business...


Brian N. Beane

Atlanta, GA

The before and after makeover story that MWR Financial has been able to help me accomplish has been nothing short of miraculous. I was able to accomplish the following Rank...


Jonathan H. Seigler

Boston, MA

I have enjoyed 20-plus years as a Real Estate Investor, Network Marketing Professional, and Lover of Jesus Christ! I've worked with many CEOs...


Kristi Howard

Union City, GA

Wow! What an amazing journey this has been! When I started with MWR Financial, I knew that we found something special, but I had no idea how fast ...


Charles Ivory

Midway, GA

MWR Financial Daily Guarantee helped me support my family when my job laid me off for 90 days due to COVID-19. When I was laid off, my Daily Guarantee pay was...


James Mackey

Alexandria, VA

I've been an entrepreneur and real estate investor for 20 years. I've never been a network marketer, but as a former basketball point guard in College, I know how to...


Shana Rawlings

Fairburn, GA

MWR Financial... WHAT A BLESSING! When I started with the company, I didn't know just how life-changing it would become. Although I have been in the industry for...


Gerald Parker

Raleigh, NC

I began telling my story and the MWR Financial story from day one because the company said they would pay me a RIDICULOUS amount of money to share the MWR...


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