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Doesn’t matter if you’re part-time or full-time, eitherway, create an additional revenue stream to help you towards financial freedom.

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Stop giving your money away to the government, banks, and big business. Let our experts help you put more of your hard earned money back in your pocket.

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MWR Passport to Wealth

Make Money
Work For You

PASSive PORTfolio income is the key to time and financial freedom. Let our experts provide with the best ways to save, grow, and protect your money, tax-free with little to no risk of loss.

Access to the same Wealth Building Strategies used by the Wealthy
Unlimited Consultations with Licensed Wealth Experts and more.

The Clear Path to

Stop making your landlord wealthy when you can start building wealth for yourself. It’s time to stop renting where you live and start owning where you live.


Certified Realtor Assistance

Forensic credit restoration

Don’t let a low credit score, lack of savings or debt-to-income ratios stop you from achieving homeownership. MyLandLordIsFired can help. Coming soon.

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We Are The Financial MakeOver Company

The MWR Financial Makeover combines making money, saving money, and growing money as the ultimate solution to help everyday people become financially independent. Get started today.


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